Four Seasons Beaumont Racquet Club

(2015-2016) Executive Committee:

  • Irv Sturner: President
  • Howard Lyon: Secretary
  • Barbara Miller: Treasurer
  • Steve Hovey: Scribe
  • Loren Duchesne: Member

    Bragging Rights...

    Howard Nelson & Ray Windhorn
    Irv Sturner & Loren DuChesne
    Entered the San Bernardino Sr. Olympic Games, Tennis Event, Men's Doubles, competing in the 65+ age group.

    Some of us played well, and Some... not so well.
    Congratulations to Loren and Irve who won all their matches in straight sets, and took home the Gold Medal.

    More Bragging Rights...


    Howard & Mickey Nelson
    Winning the "Gold Medals"
    in the 80's Mixed Doubles California Senior Games held in Palo Alto, CA.

    And some more bragging...
    July 4th, 2013 "Second Annual Championships...

    The Blue Team captained by Irve Sturner: Gold Medals
    The Red Team captained by Howard Lyon: Silver Medals

    Look for the winners trophy located in the Lodge where
    it will be on display until next year's tournament.

    "Blue Team Winners"

    And some more bragging...

    "The "Fedorchuk's" are on a roll collecting Medals
    Jo & Randy win the "Bronze"
    at the Pasadena Sr., 55+ Mixed Doubles event

    Jo wins the "Silver"in the 55+ Womens Singles event

    And another "Singles Championship" for Jo...
    Womens 3.0 Rose Bowl Champion 2013


    Randy wins a 3.5 Men's Dubs Tourney


    Home of Champions


    Guess who Came and conquered Our House??

    BNP Paribas has come and gone.

    On Tuesday 3/5 the 5 BOD members plus several club members were sighted, Jo & Randy, Tonya & Bill, and Arlene, all attended the Qualifying Tournement. It was exciting to see the wannabee's fighting it out for a place into the main draw. We also observed some exciting workouts from seeded players on the outer practice courts, did lunch and had a great day at Indian Wells.
    Kudos for our Club Members who volunteered for the entire tournament. Louise, Padoo, Pamela, Sonya, Tina...

    Rafa did come, conquered our house, left with the Baccarat Crystal Tropy, and a million bucks. Not bad for winning seven matches here while enjoying the cool ambiance of the Tennis Garden at Indian Wells.


    "Looking Forward to March 2014"
    He'll be Back... protecting his championship.


    Our new ball machine has arrived.

    We had our first orientation and training session on the usage of the machine, Saturday morning 2/23/2013. The machine was received with great enthusiasm and anticipation for improving our tennis skills. Howard did a great job on guiding us to this new adventure. Kudos and big thanks to Howard. Many thanks to all the $$ Contributors who made this happen, and Barbara, our Collection Manager, who acted swiftly bookkeeping all the pledges.



    "Conditional Use Of The Ball Machine"

    Every user must sign a Responsible Usage Form. Documentation of training maintained at the Front Desk. Court Reservations and Sign Out privledges maintained at the Front Desk. Non-contributing members will pay a One time charge of $25 for its usage.
      Authorized User Definition:
    • Tennis Club Member in good standing
    • Either contributed to the original purchase or has paid a one-time user fee
    • Has attended a Ball Machine Training Session
    • Has completed a User Agreement Form
    • Has been added to the Authorized User List at the Lodge Desk

    Our Annual Dinner Meeting
    October 16th, 2012


    There were no pictures taken at this years Annual Meeting!

    The preparations for our hosted dinner were all done by the committee members with "Smitty's Bistro" doing a great job catering a great Italian Buffet feast.
    The main event of the program was our election of officers.
    The floor was opened for discussions on "How to To Have Additionl Fun" on our courts. Several good suggestions were noted and acted upon expeditiously.
    The "Mixem Up Dubs" program is a perfect example of member's past input.
    See Barbara's article in the adjoining columns.

    Door Prizes Galore...

    Many door prizes were donated at the meeting to further highten the excitement of the dinner meeting.
    Jo Fedorchuk donated her hand crafted "Tennis Flag", just beautiful.
    Irve Sturner donated 250 custom designed calling cards, featuring our Club Logo and a panorama landscape view from Four Seasons.

    Indeed there were some lucky winners.
    Thank you all for the generous thoughts and gifts.

    Independance Day HOA Event

    What a great day it was indeed. We competed in the Second Annual "Red/ Blue Championship" with the Blue team eeking out a victory.
    Howard Lyon captained the Red team and Irve Sturner captained the Blue team. The scores were very close with the Blue team winning 68 to 60 games amongst the 16 players.
    Howard Levine won the coveted "Most Games Won" title with a score of 11 games won out of the 16 he played. He was awarded the trophy in the ballroom at the start of the Patriotic Show put on by our HOA entertainment/ events committee. The winning team members names are imprinted on the Team trophy and it will be put on display in the fitness center adjoining last year's trophy.
    A great time was had by all. We will be looking forward to July 4th 2014 for our 3rd annual Red/ Blue tourney.

    Captains Message...

    My personal motivation for accepting the Captain's position this year remains the same. To enhance and grow our club in numbers so as to be recognized as a formidable tennis club. I am on a Don Quixote Mission hoping to attract the KHOV marketing group to see, sell and support our Four Seasons Community as a Tennis Community. Our total member support will be necessary if we are to succeed in building additional Courts.... and hopefully we will.

    Our Tennis Club (FSBRC) website can now be accessed through the Four Seasons HOA website under "Clubs" or can be accessed directly at our very own

    Make sure your $20 dues is paid for 2014 and request your updated membership badge. Non members and members in arrears, will not be invited to participate in future "Club Activities" that are FSBRC sponsored. i.e. tournaments, inter-club socials, hosted foods, etc. Non Members will not have the opportunity to use the Ball Machine. So support our tennis club, get involved and have some great tennis fun as a club member.

    Many of us have attended the Planning Commission/ KHOV projects meetings at Beaumont City Hall, and have expressed their feelings regarding the use of our open lands at Four Seasons, specifically regarding building additional tennis courts and importantly the proper location of these courts. We have demonstrated our need to have 3 adjacent courts to one another and not accepting any "Willy Nilly" placement of any court(s) because that fits the KHOV building budget. It became very apparent at these meetings that KHOV believes they know what our needs are without any input from us, the tennis community. We constantly need to write to KHOV and explain our court requirements, before they start digging holes and pouring slabs anywhere, to any size dimensions, wherever they feel comfortable, regardless of our needs and experiences. Help open their ears...


    Waving Goodbye...

    It is indeed a sad day for the FSBRC to wave goodbye to our dear friend Ken, the Scribe and past President of the FSBRC.
    Ken is a "Charter Member" of the club from the early days of its inception. He has worked very hard over the years to establish the workings of our wondersful club. His generosity, leadership and writing skills for the BREEZE is a testimony to who He is. The Club members will all miss him. We wish you the very best in your new digs, and thanks for being our friend.
    Don't know if this applicable any more, and I hope not!

    FSBRC...The Inner Workings...

    We have established a formal FSBRC meeting on the third Tuesday of every month. The Executive Committee meets at 4:00PM in the Conference Room at the Lodge. The first 30 minutes we conduct our business, then open the meeting to all in attendence. Everyone is welcome to join in and contribute ideas for enhancing our club.

    Wimbledon at Four Seasons...

    Saturday June 26th was an official FSBRC Play Day. We enjoyed 2-3 hours of "mix em up" tennis starting at 8:30AM. Upon conclusion of all those winning shots, bragging, etc., we enjoyed a hosted lunch in the Lodge Card Room. TV's were tuned to the matches, and in keeping with the Wimby theme, a surprise Brit menu was served. Fish and Chips, Strawberries and Cream, a bit of bubbly, some home made scones (baked by Jo) and served with butter. This put us over the top as one of our best planned "Play Days". Our executive committee worked diligently to pull off this exciting "Play Day" event.

          Exciting tennis action shots...







    US Open Play Day 2012


    Enjoying Tennis, Pizza, & Comaraderie

    Monthly Member Spotlight:
    The ongoing Singles Competition

    Howard vs. Den



    Fun Filled Mixed Foursome
    Tom, Lyle, Ledea, & Marty

    You Tell Me, and I'll Write it...!


        Welcome New Members...
            Liz Todd
            Larry Zimmerman
            Scott Miller
            Bernadette Chance
            Richard Carrasco
            Don Cornwell
            Shao Jia

    A message from Irve...

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday's, around 11:00AM, I work out with some players at the court by running several hitting drills and advise court awareness positioning. This is my (official non-official), extra-curricular activity that I volunteer for, to anyone within our membership looking for additional hitting practice. It is very non combatant, easy on our egos, and filled with lots of cardio excercise. I enjoy doing it and I welcome anyone at any level, to join us with these drills. Romy, Loren, Tom, typically hang out and fire away at least 100-125 groundies, volleys, etc... No reservations necessary, just c'mon down and join the fun.

    I am not a USTA teaching professional, This is not a sanctioned FSBRC event. I do not charge any fees, I do not guarantee you will make the main draw of any future "Slam", but I do guarantee you will sweat alot and enjoy it...

    The Challenge is Here...

    Our Mixed Doubles evening challenge began Thursday 8/8/2013 at 6:00PM. We had 16 players entered and committed to play.
    The schedule is to play on the Second & Third Thursday of every month at 6:00PM, 7:00PM, and 8:00PM. Barb Miller is our Coordinator/ Scorekeeper/ Scheduler/ etc... and welcomes all positive input to make this fun and enjoyable for all. The pairings for teams will be random each week and drawn on Monday morning prior to the scheduled Thursday play date. Scores of each individual player will increment each week and the scores tallied monthly. Participants and their Time schedules will be notified by e-blast from Barb to the sign-ups.
    It is a fun evening event, so... bring your "A" game & cya on the courts,

    Look out Four Seasons...
    BNP Paribas is just around the corner.

    We are planning a full day of fun tennis on a day during this event.
    Watch for details in the coming e-blasts.


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