Ken Elliott,   "Our Friend"

Gathering feedback from all of the neighbors in Four Seasons has been challenging indeed, for there are so many that will contribute fond memories to this page.
This page will be left active and appended accordingly as more of your friends respond to the quirks and interactions they have had with you over the years. There are many!
You are indeed a very popular celebrity here at Four Seasons.

Quotes and Comments from your friends and FSBRC Members...

Ken was running late so we all decided to take a vote and, yes, you guessed it... elected Ken as the Chairperson. So, when he finally did arrive at the meeting, we advised him all committee members (previously voted on in accordance to the rules) were “assigned” their positions and we told Ken he was the new Chairperson. If memory serves me correctly, he, at first, thought we were kidding. We assured him we were not. As you can imagine, he was “elated” take that any way you want, and then vowed “never” to be late for another meeting again.

I have marveled at him for years. Ken is the only person I have ever known who can walk a dog and drink a mug of coffee without spilling a drop! I will miss chatting with him as we pass on the sidewalk!

He is the only man I know with 500 + t-shirts--and wears a different message every day!! Such a cool sense of humor, as we hear him crack a good one from the other court attenuated by his grovelly laughter, with dancing eyes!

Bernadette (Bernie)
Whenever you see Ken on the court, he is always smiling, joking, encouraging and welcoming, that means a lot for a newcomer/ player like my self. I did not have the opportunity to get to know Ken better, but I know I will surely miss him...

"The Commish":
I never played tennis with anyone that I could communicate "S&P", "DJ", "Basketball", "Baseball", "Lou Pinella", "Ichiro", "Hall of Famers", all within the time frame of three sets of tennis. It's like having Wikipedia as your tennis partner. A fond farewell my friend, I will miss your joviality and hope that you will visit frequently.

You have brought so much fun to the tennis courts. I have enjoyed your unique sense of humor and your willingness to play tennis whenever and wherever. Over the past five years we have shared fun winning as a team the Nine Zero Games tournament, playing at Sun Lakes and other club competition. Win or lose you have a good attitude, a relaxed disposition, and a funny comment to make. Now, go and stir up some fun in your new Las Vegas community. They are the lucky ones.

Kenny is the epitome of a true gentleman and has touched my heart in many ways. When you think of Kenny you think of someone who is kind, polite, has strong family values, always sees the good in others, non complainer, good sense of humor, big smile, and we all know he is the t-shirt king. When you initially see Kenny, the first thing I do is read the message on one of the hundreds of t-shirts he has worn over the years. We have accused Kenny of not having a washing machine because he wears a different t-shirt every day. Truth be known, he launders the t-shirts and recycles them at a thrift store. He is a giver of his time with charity work and of his funds. A team player on and off the court…..we frequently hear “thank you”, “come up, please”, “great shot” from Kenny. Kenny will be greatly missed as a great tennis player and as a good friend.

I will always remember Ken saying on Fridays when I played tennis…."it must be Friday Lee is here" and it always made me enjoy the day more….he is a very funny guy to talk with and his stories were enjoyable…
I wish him happiness in his new adventure….

My husband Howard and I met Ken sometime in late 2007 on the tennis court. I immediately loved Ken's fabulous sense of humor. It didn't take long to realize that his sense of humor was so unique that some people didn't even get it! I made up for those few because I was always laughing at Ken's stories and vignettes. Ken is a very generous and kind hearted person. You hardly ever see Ken in the same "T" shirt twice! He goes to Goodwill and buys a bunch of different "T" shirts and wears them once, usually playing tennis. He washes and folds them after using them once and then donates to Goodwill. He has been on the "executive committee" of the tennis club almost since the beginning and writes the articles for the Breeze. He is always bringing food to tennis functions or just being generous! For his 75th birthday he donated a ball machine to the tennis club and gave money for the maintenance of the ball machine.
There is so much more about Ken to know. If you were not lucky enough to be a friend of his while he has been here, you have really missed out on a special relationship! Howard and I will really feel the hole left in our lives when Ken leaves Four Seasons. I hope he returns…
He will be missed more than he knows.

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